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The Tiny Fiancé (The Tiny Fiancé Chronicles, #1...
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´´Tiny´s brain started to throb. There was so much more to being a professor than not wearing underwear to class! For example, Tiny reminded himself that he´d need some cupcake-themed writing topics for the first class meeting so that he could squeeze some home-cooked essays out of his moaning students in their very first blissful hour together. All of the reverie-inducing how-to-be-a-cool-college-professor-dude blogs that he had recently tripped over online had basically offered the same word-for-word advice: Make college kids great again by drafting a ´sample´ essay at the very first meeting so that you (the professor) won´t have to lecture or even break a sweat. You can just sit there at the desk and twiddle your androids or, to stretch your dust-collecting legs, wander professorially around the room and stand behind nervous students sighing and twiddling your laser pointer. Also, by the end of the first class, you would not only find out which of your students sweated profusely, but also how many of your students were illiterate and not really college material in the first place. Easy. Very efficient. 4,000 blogs on this topic by unemployed part-time professors could not be wrong.´´ Could they? Tiny is about to find out. Tiny Fiancé; online PhD 3.0, is looking for a college administrator to take him seriously as a professor of . . . rainbow-sprinkle cupcakes? Dean Indeedo is looking for someone to do her dirty work at Barfly College. They need each other.

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HTC U11 amazing silver Android 7.1 Smartphone
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• maximale Akkulaufzeit: 336 h Farbe: silber • 2,4 GHz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 Octa-Core-Prozessor • 12,0 Megapixel Hauptkamera mit optischer Bildstabilisierung • 13,9 cm (5,5 Zoll) LCD Display mit 1440 x 2560 Pixel • 64 GB interner Speicher, Wassergeschützt, Android 7.1.1 Nougat HTC U11 - Squeeze for the Brilliant U

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