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Research for this book was taken from 384 nonfiction sex related websites, as well as numerous medical journals. This book contains 14 exciting original scenes and stories for male-female anal sex. It also contains important erotic information that all should know! Let´s proceed with your anal adventure. The couple needs to discover their preferred position(s) for anal sex. The missionary position can be good for anal sex. Alternatively if the woman is on top she can better control the amount of anal sex penetration. Spooning gives the man a good angle during anal sex. (In the sexual ´´spoons´´ position, the penetrative partner lies on one side, with knees bent.) Doggie-style might give better G-spot stimulation, as is also the case when the woman is either on all fours or has her head on the bed and buttocks in the air (sometimes called the ´´Foraging Anteater Pose´´). To play it safe, the man should enter the woman´s anus, stop, and wait for her to get used to the feeling. During anal penetration, the woman can squeeze the man´s penis with her PC muscles. Publisher´s warning: This audiobook is sexually oriented and discusses sexual information and situations which include anal actions, anal sex and romantic anal erotica. 1. Language: English. Narrator: A. Rose. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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