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Infantino Squeeze and Teethe - Cow
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Weiches und flexibles Natur - Kautschuk Qietschtierchen. BPA frei hergestellt. Wunderbar griffig für die kleinen Hände und hilft dem Kind beim Zahnen. Details: BPA frei

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The Big Squeeze: Season One , Hörbuch, Digital,...
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Ninety minutes of the very best ´´talking bollocks´´ from Season One of Sowerby & Luff´s Big Squeeze. Here are the funniest moments from one of iTunes´ most popular comedy podcasts, with almost 2 million downloads since its launch in the summer of 2005.In the the first eight shows, Brian and Georgina ´´talk bollocks´´ about sex in a plaster cast, tennis fanny shots, wanker´s doom, tanning butlers, the great ´´teeth brace´´ conspiracy, and much, much more. Plus, Sowerby & Luff´s infamous ´´Dr Smedley´´ sketch, Georgina shaving her bikini line, and Brian´s alternative ending to The Sound of Music.The Big Squeeze is recorded in the ´´Gay Legs´´ pub in North London, and contains strong language. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sowerby, Luff. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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